July 13th 2013


The tenth annual Corvettes at the Summit

TWO HUNDRED and SEVEN Corvettes!!!!!!


Special thanks to our Sponsor:


Les Stanford Chevrolet

Dearborn, Michigan



Canton Leisure Services

for support of

Corvettes at the Summit 2013

TWO HUNDRED and SEVEN Corvettes!!!!!!

Have we reached our limit yet?  A small social Corvette Club with 30 member families a record 207 Corvettes on site.

Thanks to all the Corvette owners who attended our show.

Thanks to all of the workers who made the show flow smoothly and in record time.

Thanks to all of our sponsors that supported our show especially Les Stanford and Canton Leisure Services.


Special thanks to Art Spong and Gerry Wright for bringing a 2014 Corvette to our show making

Corvettes at the Summit

The first Corvette Show in the country to have a C7 Corvette on Display



If you attended, we hope you had fun and if you missed our show this year, we

 hope you will  be at our Corvettes at the Summit 2014.  



Thanks to the following Corvette Clubs whose members supported our show:

America's Corvette Club

Competition Corvette Club

Corvette Club of Michigan

Corvette Club of Windsor

Downriver Corvette Club

GMC Corvette Set

Huron Valley Corvette Club

Kalamazoo Corvette Club

Just Cruisen

Solid Axle Corvette Club


Photos from 'Corvettes at the Summit 2013'

July 13th 2013

Thanks to Dennis R., Dave K. for all the great photos

Corvettes at the Summit - the first Corvette Show

in the country to have a C7 Corvette on display


Vito Guida (from left) Dennis Ranski and Gerry Wright

- Celebrity Choice Award - 1966 Convertable

Dick Barginini (left) Dennis Ransksi - Best of Show

 - 1961 Roadster