Technical Tips and Information


          Generation Specific Information                                                          General Information
C1 Water Pump Replacement Auto Paint and Finish Care
C1 - C3 Water Pump Rebuild Adjusting Rearview Mirrors
C1 Turn Signal Problems AC R12 Alternatives
C1 Gasoline Odor Removal Battery Chargers
C1- C3 Ignition Coil Testing Brochures - Corvette and others
C1-C3 Wiring Diagrams Bushings to Bearings on the Classic Corvette
  Car Buying
C2 ('63) SAE Paper Car Care Rx Prescription for Corvette
C2 Headlamp Motor Repairs Caravanning
C2 Radiator Replacement    - Caravanning 101
C2 Cluster Facelift    - Caravanning Safety
C2 Muncie Trans Part 1    - Rubber band effect
C2 Muncie Trans Part 2 Carburetor Sizing
C2 Lifter Adjustment (30-30 and 097 Duntov Cams)  Convertible Top (1963 - 1975)
C2 Windshield Water Pump Cooling System Trouble Shooting and Suggestions
C2-C3 Horn Rebuild Compression Testing
C2-C3 U-joint Replacement Denotation & Pre-Ignition
C2-C3 Speedometer Replacement Determining Matching Numbers
C2-C3 Front Suspension Rebuild Don't blow your cags
C2-C3 UCA Bushings, Ball Join Replacement Engine Break In Procedure
C2-C3 Rear Control Arms, Strut Rods, Springs Experts - Do they exist?
C2-C3 Turn Signal Cancelling Cam Replacement Fuel Economy Facts and Myths
C3 Brake Upgrades Fueling the Economy
C4 Better Handling Tips Gasoline for your Corvette - an in-depth look
C4 How to Restore  Valve Covers Guide to Buying Older Corvettes
C5 How to adjust the shifter Headlight Aiming Procedure
C5 Secrets How Batteries Work
C5 How to Change a Turn Signal Bulb Lubricating Leaf Springs
C5 Shock Stuffers Maintenance Tricks for the Corvette
C5 Battery Box Fix Mass Air Flow Repair
C5 Steering Column Lock Fix Oil and Additives
C5 Fuel Filter Replacement Oil Pan
C5 Caliper Paining - Spray Paint Oil - GM Dexos 1 Oil Standard
C5 Caliper Paining - Brush PCV Grommet Replacement
C5 Common Problems Rear End Ratio Calculator
C5 to C4 Brake Swap Restorers Traps
C5 Codes - How to Pull and Read Them Service Spark Plugs
C5 Chassis Ground Maintenance Spiral Cells Batteries
C5 Rolling Chassis Photos from NCM Technical Advice from Mid-America Motorworks
C5 Water Drips in Rear Compartment Tire Safety
C5 Tire Pressure Programming Top Fuel Dragster
C5 Turn Signal Malfunction repair Torque Specs for 65-82
C5 C6 Clutch Fluid Change Protocol U Joint Drive Shaft and Half Shaft Repair
C5 C6 (2004-2008) Drive (Half) Shaft    Torque VIN Number Decoding
C5 C6 Creaking Top Fix Water Damaged Vehicles
C5 Rocking Seat Fix Where Classic Car Buyers Go Wrong
C5 Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement


Wiring Diagrams C1-C3
C6 Navigation System Instructions  
C6 Inside Rear View Mirror Vibration fix


C7 - Technical Article WSW